Why I almost Baked my own Wedding Cake

I'm an extremely frugal person which means if I can't find a product for the price I'm wanting, I'll consider making it on my own. This applies to home decor, gifts, and even furniture!

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, I kept the budget tight. I talked a few vendors down from their normal price, and we were doing well. When it came time to taste cakes, I was excited about the delicious pampering that I was about to be a part of. It was all wonderful until I saw the price of a simple two tiered sheet cake. $600 and upwards depending on decorations. And we were going for a plain white simple cake. Maybe a few flowers.

When we left the store I told my husband-to-be that I didn't want a cake anymore. It wasn't worth it. However, he said it wouldn't feel right to not have a cake there. So of course I considered the possibility of baking my own.

A box of cake mix at the store costs less than $3. The frosting will bring the cost per cake to no more than $6. We were planning for 150 guests so I knew that even if I had to buy 20 boxes, I'd be well under the $600 price of the cake shop.

But I also knew how stressful it would be to bake my own wedding cake even though I love baking. I would want the cake to be fresh (no more than 2 days old), so I'd be baking the cake the day before I left to go to the venue. I'd also be packing all of the wedding decor, my suitcases, and the bridal party gifts that day as well. It was going to be a busy day already and I was going to be nervous. So I opted out of baking my own cake.

I called and placed an order for $150 cupcakes and the smallest and simplest bride and groom cake that I could talk them into. They delivered the cake right to the venue and it only cost us $200. I'm so glad I left the cake up to the professionals. What I'd forgotten to consider in the possibility of baking my own cake was the added costs. The eggs, and oil that were required to bake 20 cake mixes, the large baking pans that I'd have to order to make the size of cake I was looking for, and the transportation and storage of the cake.

I traveled 2 hours to get to my venue. The car was packed and I wouldn't have wanted to be responsible for making sure that the cake didn't shift on that long car ride. Additionally, I stayed with 2 of my bridesmaids in a room at the inn. There was no space for a large wedding cake. No safe space anyway. And what if it needed to be stored in a cooler area or a refrigerator? I knew nothing about how to handle a wedding cake. I had to trust the professionals.

I hate spending more money than what I feel something is worth, so when I was searching for vendors for my wedding I was extremely picky. But here's the thing about weddings, this is a once in a lifetime day. It's one of the biggest events of your life. You want it to go perfectly, so trust the professionals that know what they're doing. You can save money and cut costs in certain areas, but there are some areas that you are going to want to pay the price for. If you want to know more about what is worth the expense and what isn't, check out my blog here!

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