What to Expect From a Wedding Planner

Years ago weddings were not what they are today. By the time I was 16, all of my siblings were married. Each time there was a family wedding, I would notice that all of the vendors were friends of the family. It wasn’t until I entered the event industry that I realized that there were wedding and event professionals everywhere. The industry has really grown and is still growing! Today, more than ever, wedding planners are becoming a luxury and not just a necessity! I’ve been professionally planning weddings here in Charlotte for four years. Today I wanted to talk about what wedding planners actually do.

What Wedding Planners Do:

Wedding planners exist to help brides with the planning process. We lead you through the overwhelming amount of options that the wedding industry offers and direct you to vendors that suit your needs. We’re also here to listen when you need to vent about the drama that has arisen because of wedding conversations. And we’re here to advise when you are dealing with a difficult decision involving guests or family members and wedding specifics.

We understand the stress of planning a wedding and dealing with everyone’s opinions. We’ve just about seen it all and we can handle it. We take pride in problem solving. We thrive on organization and direction. But mostly, we love when we can take the stress away from our bride so that she can enjoy her wedding day.

We Can Help You Save Money:

As a wedding planner, and a frugal person, I do everything I can to help you save money. I can tell you what's worth the expense and what isn't. If you think a wedding planner just simply isn't in your budget, remember that we can get discounts at certain stores, and we know where you can get a cheaper price while still finding quality vendors.

My full wedding planning service begins with an initial consultation where we get to know each other to determine whether or not we’re a good fit. Once a contract is signed we will meet again to discuss the details of the wedding and where you’re at in the planning process. From there I create a wedding planning timeline based on your needs.

If the client has not yet booked a venue that becomes my priority because so much of the wedding depends on what venue you choose. I feel like venue shopping is one of the most stressful parts of the planning process. When my husband and I were looking for a place to get married, we visited 11 different venues, and I contacted probably 30. I remember getting so discouraged with having to wade through so much information just to find out that the venue was out of budget or couldn’t fit my wedding needs.

When you have a wedding planner though, we will go through that pricing and capacity information for you. We even visit venues to determine whether or not they are a place you should consider visiting. Once the venue is chosen, I will check in with my client biweekly to see how planning is going. I will research vendors and keep the planning timeline on track.

I'll do the Menial Tasks:

I’m also willing to do certain tasks that the client doesn’t want to do like stuffing invitation envelopes, putting together favor bags, ironing table cloths, folding napkins in cute ways. Your experience with my wedding planning services is completely customizable and unique. I work with your needs in mind.

Day Of Coordination:

My full planning package also includes day of coordination. We will have a meeting about a month prior to the wedding to discuss the day of timeline and any set up and tear down details if contracted. At this meeting I get a list of vendors and their contact information and I reach out to them to discuss what time they’ll be arriving on the day of and any additional things they may need to set up at the venue.

After this I send the day of timeline to the bride for approval. I manage the rehearsal and ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing and what time they need to arrive on the day of.

Then it’s the wedding day. In any planning package, this is the day where I do most of my work. As soon as I arrive I begin managing the flow of vendors, family arrivals, and bridal party needs. If set up services have been contracted my team focuses on that while I focus on problem solving. Because issues always arise. It doesn’t matter how many hours of planning have been put into this wedding, something is going to go wrong. My job is to fix it.

Often times the bride knows nothing of the issue. If it’s something I can manage I make the decision on my own. I will consult the bride if her opinion is needed, but my main job that day is to make it so that she does not have to worry about anything. Additionally, I ensure that everything and everyone stays on schedule. My day of timeline has buffers built in if something causes a necessary delay or shift in schedule.

Everything is Custom-Even my Pricing!

All in all, my job is to make things easier for the bride. That’s all I want to do. I plan weddings because I want to help people celebrate their love and happiness. I want to help people enjoy their engagement and not stress so much about all of the little details. Your wedding will be much more enjoyable if you ask a professional to step in and help.

I’m always willing to work with your budget and customize my services to your needs. So if you’re engaged and looking for help, let me know. I’m here and happy to be a part of your special day.

Thanks for reading, and congratulations!

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