Do you need to book a set up/tear down package?

It’s your wedding day. Your hair has just been sprayed with hairspray and it is time to put in the clip that was once your grandmother’s. You call your mother into the room because you want her to be the one to clip it into your hair. A smile lights up her face as soon as she enters the room and sees you. She comments on your beauty, takes your face into her hands and you see a tear come to her eye as she kisses you on the forehead. She takes your grandmother’s clip into her hands and stands behind you. You watch in the mirror as she places it perfectly into your hair. You can see in her eyes that she is consumed not by the moment, but by all that is left to be done before the ceremony is to begin. With a smile and a squeeze of your shoulders, she turns to exit the room and return to her tasks.

Your family doesn’t have to be burdened with the stressful task of setting out favors, forks, and name cards while you’re joyously preparing for your big moment. They should be able to share in the specialness of each moment you have leading up to your vows. So let my team worry about the preparations of the ceremony and reception space. I’ll customize a set up and/or tear down package to fit your needs.

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