Day-of Coordinator: Luxury or Necessity?

There she stood, 90 seconds before walking down the aisle. Her dress was perfect, her veil flawlessly anchored into beautiful hair. A smile was on her face as she watched her bridesmaids walk down the aisle to stand in their places. She snuck another peek at the man she was about to spend the rest of her life with, counting down the seconds to when the wedding march would start.

45…44…43…and then her phone rang.

It shook her out of her bliss instantly. Who could it be? Why would anyone be calling at the exact time that the wedding was supposed to be happening? Sure everyone was a little behind schedule, but the ceremony should have been going on at that moment anyway. Curiosity got the best of her and she looked to see the number of the vendor delivering the cake. “Oh no.” She thought. What was going on? So she answered with 30 seconds before the doors were supposed to open for her grand entrance because no one else was there to care for her phone.

Her jaw dropped. The cake vendor had broken down on the side of the road and couldn’t get an uber. 15 seconds…She was supposed to be preparing herself for one of the most important walks of her life and all she could think was that there would be no cake at her wedding. She couldn’t just stop the ceremony to ask one of the guests to go pick up the cake. What was she to do?

Her procession began and she forced herself to move down the aisle. She attempted to push the worry from her mind, but thoughts of a cake-less reception overwhelmed her. There would be no cutting of the cake, no smashing it in each other’s faces, and no sharing it with their guests. So there she stood in front of her soon to be husband, trying to clear her mind so she could take in and cherish what was happening. And for a while she did. Everything faded away and she realized all that mattered was standing in front of her. And then the reception began.

Extra guests had shown up so the seating chart had to be rearranged. The DJ had ushered the couple into the food line instead of their first dance, so the timeline had to be rearranged. Toasts were to be read, games were to be played and suddenly they were out of champagne. The day she had been waiting for for so long, the day she had been dreaming of and carefully planning for, had become a day that she couldn’t wait to be done with.

At least, that’s how her wedding day would have gone if she hadn’t hired me to professionally manage her day. All of those little things did go wrong at her wedding, but as her day-of coordinator, I took care of it all. I made sure my bride could truly enjoy her wedding day,  make memories, and not stress. Without me, her day could very well have been a disaster.

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