Meet the Planner

Why I Chose to Plan Events

Karen Bland

Wedding Planner

I've been coordinating events for four years now. My passion for events began years ago with a surprise party to celebrate my Mother’s defeat of breast cancer. She’d been cleared of cancer for ten years and it was time to throw a party. The party actually took place around the time of the anniversary of her diagnosis. Normally this wouldn’t be the ideal situation to celebrate, but my mom had a unique outlook on the matter. Celebrating the anniversary of her diagnosis allowed the event to be more special than it would have been had we celebrated the day that she was given the clean bill of health. The event became a celebration of her life, and the journey she had been on. It was more than a celebration of her health. This event was about the struggles she had overcome and where those experiences brought her.

You see, that’s the thing about life. It’s full of ups and downs. We all struggle, and we all feel defeat. That’s what makes the celebrations so much more special. I feel like there’s so much negative in this world and life isn’t easy so we should really celebrate the good times. And that’s why I feel so passionate about events. People gather to celebrate happy occasions. And I think those happy occasions should really be a big deal. If we can’t take time to celebrate good times then we will just get overwhelmed by all of the hardships of life.

Playing a part in one of the happiest days of people’s lives is just a wonderful experience for me. But let’s face it, planning and hosting events can be stressful. Being the planner, set up team, AND host takes up all of the time and energy and doesn’t allow the host to enjoy their own event! So that’s where I come in. I handle the details so the host can experience the event and celebrate with their guests.

In short, events bring people together to experience happiness. And if I can help make that happen then I feel like I have succeeded.

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